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Speech Therapists for the
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1. Patient Satisfaction… We employ only the most capable therapists and carefully supervise them using state-of-the-art scheduling and management systems. It’s how we deliver consistent patient satisfaction time after time.

2. One Call Staffs it All… With our 90 therapists, chances are you’ll get your case staffed with just one call. And if we can’t staff an assignment, our one-hour response guarantee will never leave you hanging.

3. Dependable Scheduling…  How do you get 90 therapists to the right homes at the right times day after day? We do it by connecting every clinician to us and their schedules 24/7 using the latest cloud-based applications and technology. 

4. Medicare, Medicaid or Managed Care…  We work with all of them. There’s no learning curve for us and we know how to adapt to each agency’s processes and people.

5. Better Survey Results… Our work has been examined by multiple regulators with consistently positive results. That’s a major advantage when survey time arrives.

6. Documentation to Your Specification... Hand-written, Kinnser, AXXESS or any other system? We and our clinicians know them all, and speaking of documentation, ours are on time and complete.

7. Always-Current Personnel Files…  We maintain our own automated personnel tracking system. This means that when you need our therapists’ personnel files, they’ll be current, complete and available in digital form immediately.
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